Mama, I’m Watching You

11 May


We learn from watching others.

Simple as that, from the beginning of time.

These days I’m equal parts amazed, astounded and appalled by what Mr Crabby Pants can get up to just by watching me.  For example, I found it amazing when he decided he wants to start using the toilet (going through the motions) at less than 18 mos old. I was appalled when he removed the “childproof” cap from a bottle of children’s ibuprofen I had on my dresser. You see?

He’s not the only one who watches and learns, though. I do too. I have been watching and learning from other moms for years before I became a mom myself. In the spirit of Mother’s Day, I’m sharing some of the Top Tips that I’ve learned:

1: Never sit down to breastfeed a baby without a large glass of water within arms reach.

2. Sleep when your baby sleeps. Hard to do, I know, but essential for survival when said baby is pulling all-nighters.

3. Read to your baby. Even if it’s boring grown-up stuff, they will grow into readers by your example.

4. It’s ok to not feel comfortable breastfeeding in front of your father-in-law.

5. It’s ok to feel comfortable breastfeeding whenever and wherever that screaming baby demands it.

6. A full body hug from Mom can sooth any owwie.

7. Finishing what your child doesn’t eat is natural.

8. Singing with your kids is fun.

9.It’s ok not to use the phrase “Use Your Words”, because you don’t know what that means.

10. Sometimes, Mommy needs a time out too.

5 minutes all to myself……….. I’ll take it!

If only in my dreams.

Happy Mother’s Day!


One Response to “Mama, I’m Watching You”

  1. penneyfox May 15, 2013 at 7:00 pm #

    Hope you had a good Mother’s Day!

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